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    Raven 250D, stereo amplifiers (250 watts/channel); Available April 1, 2006 - $1,750
  • GILMORE AUDIO (full-range, planar, line-source dipoles)

    The following is an excerpt from an interview with designer Mark Gilmore about the Gilmore Speakers:

    I never intended to be a speaker manufacturer. I was content to work as an engineer in the Aerospace and contract manufacturing fields. It was my disappointment with available speaker technology that started me on the journey that produced the first Model 2s.

    I've been involved with music since I was quite young both in performance and attendance. All I ever wanted to do was bring the concert experience back home.

    I know. I'm sure you're heard this many times before. I have too. I've owned and auditioned some of the finest audio equipment in my home.

    This has been a blessing and a curse. I owned a pair of SoundLab A-1s for some time. I've also owned three different Apogee models, Magnepan, various Infinity speakers and even the Carver Amazings and Beveridge Model 3s. I am always the first to say I've incorporated features of all these speakers in my own designs.

    To put it simply, I've not been satisfied with any of these speakers, so I started some early prototypes about 14 years ago in my garage.

    So here it is in a nutshell. I believe in physics. This is how I design.

    I don't rely on all the usual speaker design textbooks. I use them for reference only. I don't want to repeat designs from the past, so I dream about the perfect speaker, assuming I have no limitations from physics.

    Then I research state-of-the-art materials to realize the best I can do, based on the limitations of physics. This is why I'm always making so many changes to my designs. This is why our speakers are built to be upgraded in the home. We also provide free speaker technology upgrades for the first three years of ownership.

    I've been burnt way too many times with speakers that can't be upgraded. It seems like there's always that next speaker revision from everybody. I got very frustrated when I couldn't have the latest and best without starting all over again.

    So, our speakers have the lowest mass of anything out there. I'm constantly trying to reduce this mass. This is why electrostatic (ESL) and ribbon designs sound so very good; it's because they have the least mass of all speaker technologies. So many of the most popular speakers have such high mass. There's no way they can reproduce what I crave.

    It is so hard to reproduce my old and beloved Martin acoustic guitar. It's also very hard to reproduce a large pipe organ at full tilt. I know of no other speakers that can do this. Electrostats literally shake apart trying to reproduce a realistic pipe organ pedal.

    Please DO audition our speakers. Listen to the very best out there at any price, too.

    I would be honored to answer any questions you may have. I am also available at 805-529-5582.

      audio.info@glacieraudio.com       P.O. Box 5410 Kalispell, MT 59903    1-40-257-01451