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MSB Platinum Reference CD Station III: You can spend a lot more money for a transport with "air bearings". But, in our opinion, the MSB Platinum player has the best DACs and digital filtering commercially available and therefore it is soncially superior to any other offering we know of. Even the most expensive players out there are almost always using the same delta-sigma chip set DAC's and as a result you can end up spending 8 times as much for another CD player that produces inferior sound. The DAC in the MSB Platinum player represents a paradigm change, not a tweak. The stock DAC can be made even better with a "Signature" upgrade that substitutes resistors calibrated to .01% for the standard ones that are calibrated to .1%. The Signature upgrade is a substantial yet worthwhile investment that removes any remaining traces of digital artifact while extracting more detail than anything we have ever heard.

The MSB Platinum Reference CD Station III comes with a very good passive preamp and an exceptionally good volume control (both can be bypassed by setting the volume control to zero)

MSB Platinum DAC III Preamp:   This is the same DAC and passive preamp as is in the Platinum CD III player. The DAC is responsible as much as anything for producing the Platinum CD player's great sound.  It can be bought separately, without the CD transport and has three types of digital inputs to accommodate an external player -- SPDIF (coax), AES/BEU (balanced), and Toslink (optical). You can also purchase a two channel upgrade card for a non-MSB CD player that provides upsampling and a networking capability. This will enable your CD player to communicate with the external MSB DAC through the MSB proprietary network (cat5), which is quite exceptional. This same card can be used to upgrade your existing DVD audio player to be a true two channel 192k machine when played through the MSB network.  MSB was the first company to provide this upgrade capability.  Most DVD players still do not allow you to play DVD audio discs in a digital format and at the 192kHZ sampling rate. The"Signature" upgrade can be purchased for the stand-alone DAC as well.


SOTA: The Millennia turntable does what a turntable is supposed to do better than any offering we know of for under $25,000-- provide a stable, non-resonant platform and precise rotational speed. You need to spend 3 to 4 times as much to find anything that rivals its performance. The SOTA, when combined with the Sound Anchor Component Stand and the Brightstar Big Rock Reference SM platform, provides about as resonance-free and vibration-free LP playback as you can get. SOTA has many models to choose from including total packages including arm and cartridge. Made in the USA!


Gilmore Audio Preamp:

The Blackbird: A revolution in preamp technology based on instrumentation design. Extraordinary in every respect. And the most exceptional phono stage we have heard. Available in the fall. Made in the USA!


Gilmore Audio Amps:

The Raptor 300D: 300 watt digital monoblocs with no transistors and no capacitors. The higest resolution digital engine. All analogue inputs. You have never heard anything like it. Black, sleek, powerful, efficient. Runs very cool. Available June 1, 2005. Made in the USA!

The Raven 100D: 100 watt digital stereo amp with no transistors and no capacitors. The younger brother of The Raptor with identical sonic performance -- just less watts. Available in the Fall. Made in the USA!


THETA DIGITAL is our strategic partner.


*Gilmore Audio Speakers:   For us, the ideal speaker would have the responsiveness, transparency, clarity, coherency, expansive soundstage of the Soundlabs with increased efficiency, better dynamic range, less resonance and the ability to reproduce bass at high SPL's. Say hello to the Gilmore Audio Speakers: A 2-way, planar-dipole, line-source using proprietary ribbon and ribbon/hybrid technologies that is 91.5dB efficient (at 1 watt, 1 meter, measuring higher further away as is the case with all tru line sources), compresses at 127dB and has a frequency response from 26KHz down to 22Hz or 17Hz (depending on the model) without a subwoofer. It is the most detailed (accurate, transparent) speaker we have ever heard and one of the most dynamic speakers available. The panels are made of 100% Corian® and are configured and tuned so that resonances are lowered to 8Hz. We believe this speaker provides the best sound at any price for dedicated stereo or home theatre applications. They are a stunning art deco design, with a highly polished finish, that can be specified in a wide array of colors and textures. These beautiful speakers are supported by custom stands made especially for Gilmore Audio by Sound Anchor. Made in the USA!

Soundlab Speakers: The best electrostatic speaker in the world. Period! And Roger West, Soundlab's founder, is the greatest! Made in the USA!

*Meyer Sound: Pro-Audio Self-amplified Sound Reinforcement Dynamic Speakers. While these speakers have been designed for pro-audio sound reinforcement applications and as pro-audio monitors, we believe that they have relevance in home theatre applications because of their flexibility, ease of use, incredible dynamic range and sonics that are better than many commercial offerings. Meyer is the cream of the crop in self- amplified sound reinforcement technology for live performance, worship, theatre & sports venues. Made in the USA!


Brightstar has been a leader in dampening and isolation technologies for home audio equipment for many years. Their products have been nominated by Stereophile four times for "Accessory of the Year" and voted "Best of the Year", "Editor's Choice", "Cream of the Crop" and "Best Buy" by The Abso!ute Sound and "Best of CES 2003" by Audio/Video Forum. In our opinion, you can't find better isolation components than the Brightstar Reference series. Made in the USA!

Sound Anchor: Component Racks and speaker stands.  Sound anchor makes sturdiest, most non-resonant production component rack we know of. When coupled to a concrete slab and used in conjunction with high quality composite isolation products, such as Bright Star Audio's devices, it provides excellent resonance damping. Sound Anchor is also the manufacturer of the proprietary stands for the Gilmore Audio Speakers. Made in the USA!

Sennheiser: Headphones

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