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How We Conduct Business - The following principles provide a foundation for our business ethics and behavior:

• We will never lie to you.   We will also try to tell you the whole truth, as we know it.    We will not pretend that we know something when we don't.

• We will not sell you something if we do not believe it will bring you joy and fulfill your needs and expectations.    We will recommend a competitor's product if we feel that it will serve you better.   You can feel comfortable using us as a resource.

• We are not shy about expressing our opinions. We believe our opinions to be valid and feel passionately about them. Yet, we accept the possibility that they are refutable and welcome sincere efforts to advance our understanding of how to optimize the joy of listening to sound reproduction.

• In the end, you must be the judge.   We want you to have the opportunity (a trial period) to see if our technical and aesthetic judgments fulfill your requirements and expectations. So, we provide a 30-day money back guarantee.   All we ask, for providing this opportunity, is that you pay for the merchandise and shipping of the equipment to your location and treat the equipment with respect.   If you decide to return the equipment within the 30-day trial period, we will refund your money once it is inspected and will pay for shipping the equipment back to us.

• Many performance issues can be dealt with on the phone.    When they cannot, our manufacturers stand behind the products with some of the best warranties in the business. In case you need to send something to the manufacturer for repair, we will pay for the shipping costs both ways. During that process, we will make a sincere effort to keep you informed and will do our best to get your product repaired and returned to you promptly.

• We believe you have the right to prompt and courteous customer service.   The reality is that the right person(s) to answer your questions may not always be immediately available when you call, email or fax, but we promise to be conscientious about returning your calls and getting the right answers for you.

• We do not believe that the customer is always right.   How could this be so?   But we believe that you have the right to be treated with respect - the same for us - and you have the right to be satisfied.

• We have chosen not to sell competing components. We have instead made judgments about what we believe are the "best of class" components, which in turn define "best of class" systems. In this way, we can describe our mission as providing elegant systems for audiophiles (best of class systems), using best of class components.



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